Friday, December 21, 2007

Looking Back on 2007 #1

Sorry for the drought in blogging...that time of year. It is also the time of year to begin looking back and seeing all that I've accomplished (and not accomplished :-). I'm likely to have a couple of these kind of posts - one on "practice" and one on research. Today we'll tackle growth in practice.

Back in July I did a mid-year review. For this year-end review, I'll try and just demonstrate the growth I've seen.

This is my favorite subject area and one that I desperately wanted to grow in. I think in some ways I have improved, and still others that I will tackle in 2008.


And to think I rather liked the one back in January! It's rather embarrassing now to look at that first one. Incidentally, when I saw this post of Laura Frankstone's last year, it convinced me to form a daily drawing habit.

My goal in color was just to stop making excuses and jump in. I did do that - and I'm still swimming despite a few urges to just get out of the color pool! Tomorrow I'll show you my first scribbles with CPs and one of my latest.

I've now posted over 200 times! When I began, I wasn't sure if I would continue beyond January, but here we are and I've found a new pasttime. I have been making posting daily Monday through Friday my goal lately, that is likely to continue. That's roughly 70% of the time. I've posted roughly 60%. So, not bad compared with the original goal of making it through January.

Daily Habit
In 2007, I wanted to make sketching a daily habit. My measurable goal for that was to fill a moleskine. Happily, I did fill it along with a few others and have stacks of other work lying around.

Art Business
My goals in this area were along the lines of "look and learn". I've gotten to know several new artists through their blogs and done some reading. I'm most proud of being a part of "Fine Art Friends." This group of ladies have been a support to me through the latter part of this year and I'm looking forward to learning more from them.

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Jeanette said...

You've accomplished a lot in a year Rose and you should be proud. Practice and time are the big levellers when it comes to art. If you can fit in both of them, you're on the road to success.