Friday, November 23, 2007

Art as Passion

What makes your art a passion for you? Why, when you're tired do you pick up that brush? Why do you always find another art book to buy? Why do you buy sketchbooks?

For me, the answer is:
  • Discipline - I constantly look to improve my own self-discipline, art is one expression of that for me.
  • Practice - I like the routine of it, the habit of it.
  • Comfort - It is a solace to me from myself and the world.
  • Learning - I like to seek knowledge and understanding.
  • Success - when I see myself improve, it is a great feeling.
  • Gifting - when I can share my work with others, it is another great feeling.
Next week I hope to have a book review for you and some plans for December.

Some sketches of my boys watching tv - it's amazing to watch, they don't even sit still to watch, though they are totally engrossed. They constantly flip themselves around.


Ann said...

My reasons are very much the same as yours, Rose. I had let art go for many years while I was busy doing other things. Now that I am trying to get back to art as a part of my daily life those reasons seem even more profound. Great series of posts on the different aspects of art and art making :)

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Ann. As it is sometimes hard to fit the art in around the rest of life, it's good for me to remember why I even try! ;-)