Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art as Comfort

Recently I've really needed my art to come through for me - not in a financial way, more in an emotional way. I've needed my art to take my mind off the day, to relax from the challenge of taking care of three demanding little boys, to get me ready to face it all again tomorrow.

It made me realize that art has almost become this silent friend to that takes me away on little holidays, challenges me, and recently has comforted me. Goodness, I'm sounding all crazy! I guess what I'm noticing is that art-making has an incredible power over my mood - not one that I noticed before. I'm happy when it goes well, I'm grumpy when it doesn't. And, as fed up as I have been recently with the awkward results that I've been achieving, it hasn't made me want to quit. In the past, I did want to quit, or let myself drift away. But, now, I can't really imagine that happening.

Tonight I was just having a play around this 40 min sketch, from a random photo I found on (it's not as gruesome as it sounds, it's just copyright-free references).


Valerie Jones said...

Funny you should mention "Art as Comfort". The students in my Monday night art class said they got more therapy from drawing than having a session with a counselor. And I have to agree! It has been my source of comfort many, many times. I love it!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

This is soooo true Rose, i agree with you totally, and like in your other post I am finding i NEED to do it in order to feel right. Its such an odd and unexpected thing. and i do get quite upset when it doesnt turn out how i want. But lately in looking at all the works of all the great masters i just look at volume of work they produced.Not everysingle piece of work is a success, its all about the process isnt it not the final outcome. Thats how i am looking at it anyway :)

Rose Welty said...

Agreed ladies! And Belinda, I've been struck with the same thing about the masters - and that really does help to remember it doesn't all have to be great!