Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Final on the Gawler Ranges at Sunrise

Here's my final for the Gawler Ranges at Sunrise piece. I've darkened the foreground a bit and defined the white bushes a little more.

This piece was done from a photo by Susan Borgas, on her FreeSnapShots blog. I highly recommend a look there if you work from reference photos. She's talented and has a good eye.

As a summary on this I thought I would just run over a few goals I had in doing this, and whether or not I met them.

Goals for Gawler Ranges at Sunrise piece:
  • Do a "big" work. This piece is 13in x 15in. So I feel like I accomplished something just finishing it. It is different to continue working on something this large as opposed to being able to finish pieces quickly. I'm happy I did it, but I'm ready to switch back to smaller pieces for a while.
  • How much do I like CPs? I really like CPs - this was the longest we had ever spent together on one piece :-). I'm happy to continue investing time, energy, and money in them.
  • Where am I getting with my CP skills? I'm better than I was a few months, but I still have a great way to go. I hope to be able to achieve painterly effects with them. I'm not really there, but I think I can get there.
  • What do I have to learn with CPs still? Quite a bit. I'm getting better with my color theory, but I definitely have a ways to go. Also, I am understanding the medium better and am starting to have preferences about CPs. But, I still am not achieving what I see in my head.
  • Can I do a complex landscape? I've been doing little macro pieces, or just parts of a piece lately. I wanted to try doing "a scene." I'm glad I got this finished. I was close to getting nervous about doing more than one object in a piece! So, yes, I can.
Final Reflections:
  • Was this all I hoped it would be? No, but I am still proud that I finished it and that I see improvement.
  • Did this make me keen to carry with CPs? Yes. It made me "more hungry" to improve.
Tomorrow I'll have a bit on what I plan for the month of October.


Jo Castillo said...

Rose, Great job. It is a lovely piece. You should be proud of yourself. I will be waiting to see what is up for October. :)


Valerie Jones said...

You commented that you "think" you can achieve what you want to with CP's....I KNOW you can! Great work!

Rose Welty said...

Thank you Jo and Valerie! You are a couple of great friends!

Katherine said...

This has got a real sense of recession despite the fact that your distance is not blue! I think it's something to do with the perspective in the clouds and the sky treatment generally.

If you're going to continue with CPs then you need to get to grips with solvent next!

Rose Welty said...


I've been trying to find some solvent locally, but haven't been able to find it. I guess that's a good excuse to make an online order...which should always be big to make it worth the shipping charges! :-)