Monday, September 10, 2007

Secrets from the Playbook 9/10/2007

Do What Matters
This sounds silly. In one sense, all housework and cleanliness matters, right? In another sense, none of it matters - who wants "she kept a clean house" on her tombstone? But the key to remember is to do what matters to your family - do the things that you and your family will notice or care about and be more scanty with the rest. I remember reading about one woman who worked really hard on ironing her husband's shirts - really hard. Then she suddenly realized that he didn't notice, didn't care about his shirts, and he was very discouraged that she wasn't getting to other things around the house. Moral of the story: do what matters (which varies.)


Jo Castillo said...

Thanks Rose, The shirt thing made me laugh. Gene always ironed his own, as I hate to iron. When we went to Bolivia and had a maid, he was so shocked that he could wear a shirt and then wear it again in two days, all washed and ironed!


Rose Welty said...

Jo, our ironing turn-around is not so fast here. :-) I actually think ironing is the best of the household chores, which, of course, isn't saying much. :-)