Friday, September 7, 2007

More on Monet's Tree

Here's the tree from yesterday, colored to a point. I've darkened the darkest darks. I am really happy with the grisaille. I definitely will do that again.

I think I may stop here on this one, it is only an exercise. My drawing wasn't really strong enough to warrant further work on this. But, as for trying the grisaille, it was a success. As for learning how Monet did trees (at least in the early years), it was a partial success.

I learned:
* Monet is more subtle and thoughtful than I initially gave him credit for.
* He was, even at this early stage, entranced by light and it's effects.
* I still don't know how to execute a successful tree!

Off to a busy day, have a good weekend everyone!


Jo Castillo said...

Rose, this is a follow up for me and my tree month. I'm sure you won't be doing only trees. They are a lot more intricate and structured than I first thought.

Thanks for studying for me. :)

The tree is looking good.


Rose Welty said...

Jo, you're welcome, although I'm not so sure that I learned more than "I need to learn more." :-) But, I do have a thought for a piece and I might just be fool enough now to try it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Rose it looks great! That grisaille technique is really working for you! I was hoping it would :d You've got great depth in there!

Katherine said...

Rose - that's terrific - and stopping here is so much more of a useful reminder of what a good technique this can be.

Rose Welty said...

Wendy and Katherine, thanks. I'm definitely repeating the grisaille technique - wow, what a difference. I had read about it before but I never considered using it with CPs. Thanks to both of you for nudging me in the right direction.