Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Web-Wise Wednesday 8/15/2007

Sketch for 'Gardens in Art' series
approx 4inx6in in moleskine
More info on the location tomorrow!

Blog Site of the Week:
CopyRight Explained
This is one of those "pointer" articles. It gives summaries and then links to places to find out more about copyright. Copyright isn't one of those topics that fascinates everyone, well in fact, it probably fascinates no one. But, it is an important thing to be aware of, so plan to digest this article in small chunks if you don't know what you need to about copyright. (That's what I'm doing, slowly but surely.)

Late Addition Blog Link: Making a Mark: How do I find things to blog about?
Katherine wrote a stellar post yesterday. I'm beginning to think that we share a brain (of course, she got the better half, but I like her, so I'll forgive her :-). Seriously, she has written some great stuff about finding inspiration, the mindset of a blogger, how to organize yourself, etc - in her usual clear as crystal manner. Check it out.

Art Site of the Week: National Museum of American Illustration
I ran into this site during my Parrish/Rockwell month in July. I'm interested in illustrators generally, but actually I think there is something for everyone. In one site it combines several artistic styles (granted they are all illustrators, but each one has distinctive work) and subject matters. Generally, the subjects involve people, but in various time periods, activities, etc. I think what I most like is the clear impression that talent and ability come in many forms and styles. Any one of these is good, and all for different reasons.

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