Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grab Your Shovel: The Morey Mansion

Sketch for 'Gardens in Art' series
approx 4inx6in in moleskine
The Morey Mansion, Redlands, CA

Doing the Huntington last week made me think of my own roots in California. I grew up in a small, picturesque town called Redlands. Redlands is filled with beautiful buildings, the Morey Mansion is one of the nicest. I grew up down the orange-grove-lined street from the Morey. We were friendly with the owners when it was a private residence - so I've been to a barbeque there. (However, I hasten to add, it was painted white and in need of some repairs then.) Now, it is a gorgeous B&B, I hope the owners can make it work.

Anyway, I am tempted to refine this a bit more and make it my project for the Gardens In Art series. As it's midway through the month, I ought to have a little review.

Here's what I'm learning:
  • Gardens rather scare me as a subject. Macro flowers seem easier somehow, less to capture - I suppose. Although, it didn't feel easy when we were doing flowers!
  • A few garden elements with a bit of fancy architecture in the background rather excites me a subject. (It also reminds me that I must get my nose in that perspective book I bought recently!)
  • The excitement mentioned above derives from me loosening up and just going for a Sargent sketchiness. To be relieved of achieving a likeness or fear of doing something grotesque to the human figure is very freeing.
  • I'm not doing as much art history research this month - direct consequence of things heating up around the home. More on that tomorrow.

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