Saturday, August 4, 2007

Harnessing Horses

Yesterday I was in the mood for doing a figure sketch. This gentleman was taken from this WetCanvas reference library photo. I was intrigued by his level of concentration. He appears to be a little less than comfortable playing out on the street.

Doing this figure proved to be every bit as hard as I thought that it would be. Much like Hale and others have said doing great artwork is "driving all the horses at once." You must get all the little pieces to fit light and shade, values, perspective, anatomy, tone, etc must all be working together. To draw convincingly you must be able to master each of these areas and then in one piece, handle all of them well at the same time. Therein lies the tricky part. I found it hard to remember all the caution points, stay with my idea for how it should look, and keeping checking the reference in the meantime!

Anyway, there is some improvement over my last full-length figure, although I'm driven all the more to practice, practice, practice.


Belinda Lindhardt said...

This is lovely Rose, i can see your getting better :)

Its all very hard tho isnt it ? I hope your having fun.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Belinda, I am having lots of fun actually. The stronger my skills become the more fun it is - there aren't as many "oh, that looks awful" moments! :-)

Jo Castillo said...

Rose, this is just great. You have been listening to those voices.

You are doing swell.