Monday, August 6, 2007

Do you hear voices?

Well, I do now apparently! As I was working on this I kept hearing all of the masters that I've studied this year...
  • As I began, Whistler kept telling me to plan it out, take the time to lay it out.
  • O'Keefe just sort of shook her head at my lack of attention to composition.
  • When I'd puzzle over a tricky spot Sargent would whisper, "Suggest, precisely."
  • Ingres kept reminding me to weight my lines and vary them.
  • Waterhouse kept pushing me to work harder on the values.

Parrish and Rockwell kept stamping their feet telling me to hurry up and get on to painting. Van Gogh didn't say anything, he doesn't consider my work worthy to comment on :-).

Anyway, I have really learned alot this year and I noticed it with this drawing. If you've ever considered joining one of the Fineline Artists masters projects, or studying up on someone else's work, I can highly recommend it!

I'm not sure if this is done, but it's close. Off to try out some new paints...


Belinda Lindhardt said...

oooh well done ... looking good :)

Katherine said...

Thank you Rose! We also keep commenting on how the spectators on the shoulder whispering in our ears are getting a bit crowded! ;)

Anonymous said...

Really nice Rose! :) Yep, you should hear us saying "I decided to go all Sargenty on this one" or whatever :) It really is a worthwhile experience studying the greats isn't it? I can't of much else I've done that really has the same impact!