Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sweeping out the Woodshop

Here's the "finished" effort on the woodworker. That's in quotes because there is alot more work to be done on this to make it right, but enough is enough. For instance, the proportions are all wrong, more so as you go down the body! I had fun with the clothing in parts and then lost interest in other parts - all of which is clear. But for this, I was just gunning for getting in some graphite time. All this work in colored pencil has changed my graphite habits - I am constantly sharpening my pencil, as is necessary with CPs. I just get annoyed with a dull tip and the lack of control that I experience with it.

As July ends I am considering what to do in August...certainly another master...but which one? Also I need to decide whether or not to continue with the Hale's Masters series or wrap it up in a few more posts. If I continued on with it, I would likely spend some time going over his detail in the anatomy section - which bones are important and why. That is tempting for me, but maybe I'm just geeking out on it. Is anyone else interested in that sort of thing?

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