Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Precious Nap Time WIP

Sorry for the "vacation" from posting. I could say I was busy, which would be true. I could say I was sick, which was true. But I could also say that I was grumpy and that was the main reason that I didn't post! Nobody needs more whining in their life - you should feel spared.

Anyway, this is for a commission that I'm working on.

The challenges:
  • Make the grandma the grandma and not just "old"
  • Make the baby a tender slumbering baby and not just an unrecognizable blob
  • Grandma's sweater is in the middle, this can't be a distraction
  • Do something with that upper right corner (in the reference it's a few branches from a tree, but they would look odd if included - especially as I don't want to draw the Christmas pattern on the lady's sweater.)
How I'll meet the challenges in the next draft:
  • Hopefully I've caught wisdom there in Grandma's chin and not just age.
  • The baby blob needs work, better values and stronger lines
  • I'm hoping if I pump up the lines in the profiles, the sweater will fade in significance
  • Hopefully a dark to light blur will do the trick in that upper right corner
I hope this week to do my post on drawing vs. painting and Ingres.

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