Friday, April 6, 2007

Painted Lady

Or rather, part of the scarved lady's face, namely her left eye. I had a go at painting her and well, it's a journey, right? This isn't all of it, but you've gotten the best of it, believe me. I have so much to learn about painting!

One thing I noticed when I was painting this was that I was thinking and making marks the way I would if I were holding a graphite pencil, therein lies a problem, methinks. This may be some of the problem I am having with colored pencils too. Each medium is different and has its own techniques.

For completeness, I may try and do a CP version of this same lady. It would be interesting to compare all three versions - you could see more of the mood that is inherent in each medium.

1 comment:

stan said...

Liked the eye: liked the "she's finished"; liked the humor!