Friday, March 2, 2007


This is a pen and ink work I did last year, from an old photo I took in the Lake District. I did all of my initial work with a regular pen. Then I decided to do the actual piece with a "dip" pen (where you dunk the metal tip into an inkwell). In the end, that choice was a bad one. I had less control, couldn't make the marks I wanted to, and was overwhelmed with fear of slopping it all up with ink drops. But, I did have a fun time working on expanding the types of marks I can make with a dip pen and I really wanted to push myself to do something other than a "hide-it, quick" sketch with a dip pen.

As for Waterhouse, it would be nice to crescendo to a final project. For that, I have a few ideas. He did several paintings from literature, verse, and the like - perhaps I can do something from Middlemarch, which I just completed. He also did works about women doing ordinary things - so setting a table, folding laundry, etc. Or I could try a more ambitious "copy" of one of his works. We'll see. Enjoy your weekend!

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