Friday, March 9, 2007

Playing With Paint

Several years ago, working as a software engineer, I decided that I wanted to get back into doing artwork (from my childhood). Very quickly I realized that I wanted to improve and would have fun learning. Shortly after that realization I made another discovery...learning to draw and paint at the same time was too much for me. I could see where my drawing skills needed work. As I started looking at color theory I was initially bored and thought "this is so obvious," but I must have stopped paying attention because all of a sudden I couldn't follow it and my color mixing skills were atrocious. So, I decided I would learn to draw and get to the painting later.

In the meantime, I've moved back to the US, had three children, kept drawing, and learned alot. Anyway, late last year I decided that 2007 was the year - I was going to force myself into color, even if it went horribly wrong at first.

All that to say, I have begun my walk on the painting path. The two images above are my underpainting and finished first effort in acrylics! Now that I've taken that first step, I look forward to the journey.

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Rose Welty said...

(Jeremy) I Love the color BLUE you used. why did you call it "Playing with Paint"?