Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Falling...into a Snowy Lane

Just a quick post today, again, life is moving at a fast pace. Here is the waterfall to date. I hope to have it nearly completed after this afternoon. The second image is a 5 minute sketch from one of Van Gogh's drawings "Landscape with a Church". It is from 1883 - so an early work. As I search for something to do with this project for the month I am finding myself more drawn to his early works.

Things I like about this drawing of his:
  • the church is done almost entirely with values and no outline
  • the church also has surprising suggestion of detail to it
  • the figures are quickly done and yet suggestive (something that he later strove for, according to a letter I saw quoted)
  • his pen and ink work is well done
Where my project and this drawing may collide:
  • I'm going with the bared tree look
  • it seems he always has a "lane" going somewhere in his landscapes, so I gotta have one of those
  • I may do a "translation" (as he called some of his own work) of this - so I'll have bared trees along a road, four figures with backs turned, a building in the middle of the background (i.e. all the same elements, in the same places) but somehow make them my own - so they may be people in modern dress, trees I see everyday, a building I am familiar with, etc.
  • something I read said that he would look at a scene and then turn his back and do what he wanted with the impression that the look left on his mind - so I may go for that, the 5 minute sketch being my "look"
Those are my thoughts for guarantees, it may all change. Off I go...

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