Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Blasts from the Past...

Well, that busy weekend has carried it's busy-ness right into the week. Here it is Tuesday afternoon already. I did manage more work on the waterfall this weekend. Most importantly, I decided that I really only want to do half the waterfall and no more. So, I am nearly done, despite the little progress I made, but I think that I've gotten out of it what I wanted.

Part of the busy weekend was a baby shower - I was supposed to bring a baby photo. I spent five minutes looking for one as I doubted that I had one. But, in the five minutes I managed to find an old sketchbook (this is what happens to people who move inter-continentally - nothing is ever where it should be :-). Anyway, these are circa 1999. I did several versions of the bottles and peppers, attempting various pen-and-ink styles. The flowers were a WIP (and still are today!) And on that note, off to my waterfall, lest it suffer the fate of the flowers.

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