Friday, January 19, 2007

Technology has left the building...

Since I began this blog we've been having computer problems, not because of the blog, just occurring at the same time. Anyway, we got the machine back last night and it has new, more crippling problems than before. So my persevering husband has hauled it off again to the "superstore". Until we get a loaner back (and up and running) I'm on an ancient machine that has so little video RAM I can't view pictures on websites or post images to blogger (because it fails to draw the blogger buttons, or even the tag). So, I can't post any sketches until at least tomorrow evening.

However, I carry on with the Sargent project. My goals in starting this blog were to try blogging and also to encourage others to join the Sargent project. The other artists on Maggie's list in her blog post are very accomplished and that can be intimidating. My blog is on that list to show that anyone can participate (I like to think my distinction is that I have the most to learn!)

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