Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Go

I woke up Easter morning not feeling well...and spent the rest of the week in the bed. It wasn't the flu or strep, just a virus to wait out. Today I am better, although still coughing a fair bit and being careful to not push too hard.

So, I thought I'd post the second go I had at the scene in Edinburgh from last time.

Hope you can enjoy whatever weather is outside your window!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really hope the virus stays away!

wet and rainy, with a bit of snow flurries here :/

really like this second attempt at painting the Edinburgh scene :) the national gallery is to the left, great place to spend an afternoon (spent hours in the impressionist wing)

Rose Welty said...

I knew when I made a comment about the weather, it is not as lovely the world over. I'm afraid it will be full blown hot by the time I really feel better (i.e. feel like working in the yard). I've actually been to the national gallery - it was great. We spent about 3 weeks in Edinburgh, a really fun city with loads to do!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

send some of the heat here please, been raining all day and its cold :/

i really like edinburgh, so much to do, and they have a great bus system so its easy for me to get around when i cant walk too far

would love to go to uni there, but it is almost impossible to get in