Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Visitor for the Observant

American Goldfinch
watercolor on paper
7in x 5in
copyright 2013 Rose Welty

Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a brief influx of American Goldfinch to the yard. They are a tiny bird but in color, the brightest yellow you can imagine. They eat seeds, so you tend to see bright yellow flashes bobbing in the grasses, almost like flowers under a breeze from a distance. They also eat the seeds from liquid amber trees. When they are in the trees they are quite acrobatic, bending every which way for a crack at more food. But, as I said, they are quite small and quiet, so you have to be looking in the trees to find them.

It's probably for the chance to see them that I keep the liquid amber trees - picking up those little balls is one of my least favorite yard jobs.

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