Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Adventures in Watercolor

I was walking in Vilnius again. Here are the notes from my sketchbook:

  • line of red roofs against the sky
  • strength of color strongest against that line
  • basic light side and shadow side on buildings
Above is the attempt I made from that - although I begin with an image from Google Street View, it is best to not rely on it too heavily. So after a few guidelines, I moved away from the computer and just started teasing out the image I had in my head.

Watercolor is generally known as a medium that you can't really control (although there are those who do quite successfully). However, that doesn't mean that one can be slapdash with it. Quite the contrary, it means that you must plan and think through what will happen with each step. Certainly, the order in which you work matters. I suppose it's a bit like stir fry cooking - lots of preparation and work and then bit at the end goes fast. Once you start dropping color down you release control.

It's actually really fun!

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