Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking for a Suggestion

For a long time I've wanted to understand the philosophy behind Chinese and Japanese ink painting. It's not easy to find a book that goes beyond the "how to". I have a few "easy sumi-e" books. I'm not all that interested in learning how to wield a Chinese brush. I'm much more interested in understanding their composition decisions and what makes a "good painting" from the eastern perspective.

Recently I did find The Way of the Brush and happily received it for Christmas.

I'm loving the book - it has answers to many of my questions. Although, I will admit that I probably also need a more basic book or, at least, more reading on the subject to fully grasp everything.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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photo to pencil sketch said...

wooow, the bird is so cute, wonderful drawing, love it.

Ann said...

Sumi e painting is something I know almost nothing about. Have you tried a google images search? I really like your bird. Is it a goldfinch? We are doing Cornell's Project Feeder Watch this winter as part of our homeschool. It's been fun seeing what comes to our feeders.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks photo.

I have done some googling Ann. I do have a few sumi-e books. I'm not as interested in how to hold/move the brush. I'm more interested in their composition principles - e.g "host and guest" or as the one book put it the "dragon veins" of eastern painting. Yes, it is a goldfinch. One day I glanced out and saw this bright yellow spot in the tree - I got a several photos of him picking seeds out of those little balls on a liquid amber tree. Really fun! I but your project is great - I've been thinking I need to take up birdwatching as a more serious hobby.