Friday, December 14, 2012

Learning by Doing

Sketch of houseplant (Start 1/30)

I'm already thinking about what projects I'd like to take on in the new year. One has really got my interest and so I've started. I'd really like to make 30-50 sketches or "starts" from life.

In Alla Prima, Richard Schmid lists about 6 ways that you can start a painting. He advocates that you should know how to do them all, as the demands of each painting differ and so the best starting practices differ. As I apply that to colored pencils, I can think of about 4 or 5 ways to begin a drawing. Two of those ways I'm really practiced at, the others not so much. So, my idea is to repeatedly try out the 3 remaining ways to see what I can learn.

These would all just be starts, the point is to learn. So, I am not going to demand that I finish each one. In addition, I would like to work more from life than I have had been of late. So, I'm going to ask myself to do them all from life. I hope this will force me to get out the door and into the local parks and gathering places.

The above sketch is my first start - on a day when I couldn't get out, I drew a plant from my kitchen. I definitely enjoyed trying to apply what I've been reading, although I felt very much like a kid feels when they are first learning to ride a bike - wild and out of control!


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