Friday, November 9, 2012

Studio: Before and After pictures

Before: my studio in 2011
Recently, I adjusted my working configuration. I'm trying out working standing up - because I've been having neck problems and leaning over to draw just isn't comfortable. To do that I either needed a standing desk ($$$) or my preferred cheap solution, a nail in the wall. I  hung my drawing board up on that nail. Should I ever need to work sitting down, I can put in another nail lower on the wall.
After: my studio yesterday

I've discovered some more benefits, beyond the easing of neck pain:
  • perspective - it is easy to step back and get a larger view
  • additional exercise - as I'm walking and standing more
  • additional hand - it's much easier for me to use my left hand to draw while I'm standing
  • more light - my desk was partially blocking a window - now there is more light coming in and I really love glancing out that window at those trees
  • matting table - I now have a table for matting and framing
After: closeup on my actual drawing area -
I stand in that space between the desk and window
I'm interested to see what difference this will make to my mark-making and if that difference makes it easier (or harder) to work at larger sizes.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

your studio looks bigger than our kitchen lol

i can't work standing up, kills my shoulders but it is easier working bigger, just have to work for smaller amounts of time when i do

Rose Welty said...

The studio is just the space between a bedroom and the top of the stairs, but yes, it may well be bigger than kitchen in your neck of the woods.

My arms get tired standing up, but frankly, they need the exercise!

Thanks for your comments, Jen, you are always faithful!