Friday, October 5, 2012

The kitchen sink

Sunset at Carl Sandberg Home
An everything but the kitchen sink sort of post...

Lately I've been...

  • recovering from a sore neck
  • building myself a nightstand
  • doing some DIY work around the house
  • and working on those dogwoods 
I'm happy, very happy, to report the neck is better and you wouldn't believe how motivated I am to get a walk in each day, stretch and do my exercises! :-) I'm not looking to repeat that particular pain, wow, that was bad.

I started to get a bit funny about the dogwoods - growing a bit testy with them. Seems like I have a hard time on large projects, not because I grow impatient, more like I get tired of looking at them and just decide they are rubbish and deserve the bin. So, I stepped away from them. Looking at them now, they are definitely OK.

In stepping away from the dogwoods I got into organizing a few things around the house...once I start doing that I end up moving furniture around, painting walls, cleaning carpets, etc. Just this afternoon I painted the kitchen orange - not a mild mannered orange either. I didn't tell the family, hoping they wouldn't hate it on sight - great relief, they all think it's great.

So, although I still have some work to do around the house - with paint and furniture, I hope to be back soon.

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Farham Erikson said...

For some reason, I gain the most creativity when I'm at home and get restless about doing house chores. I knew I had to paint so I let the drain cleaners work their magic on my bathroom. I'm just glad your neck is fine. Stay safe!