Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Summer Reading

This summer I'm working on my drawing skills. To do that I'm reviewing Harold Speed's book, reading books by Anthony Ryder and William Maughan and trying to sketch every day from life.

Ryder's book, so far, doesn't seem to have ground-breaking material in it. But it does move slow enough that I am thinking through the concepts more thoroughly than I have in the past. It has a different take than Maughan's book. Ryder does an extensive block-in to draw his figures. Maughan is against block-ins for his portraits (although he suggests a loose block-in of the gesture of the head).

They both agree in making soft marks as opposed to strong lines. Maughan actually advises using the side of a pastel pencil to draw with.

It's all very interesting - both their ideas and the comparison of their ideas. We'll see what good it does me.

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