Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Old Birds, colored pencil drawing

Two Old Birds
5in x 7in
colored pencil on paper
copyright Rose Welty
On and off over the last few years I've thought of drawing origami. Line is so important in origami and I think there are some interesting graphic explorations to be made. So the last few days I've spent time on "Two Old Birds". They aren't old cranes, they were newly made for this project - but they weren't folded by an expert and they had to be touching to remain upright - they just seemed like an older couple living out their days in love and support of one another.

I think I have tried to draw or paint origami once before but failed (I can't find the attempt, but I did find some more ambitious origami I did a few years ago). I don't know that I'll do a series, but I'll think about it.


Jeanette said...

This is a beauty, lovely colours and shapes. You're on a roll!

I've had a similar idea in the back of my head for years to draw some origami, but I can't fold for beans so would need to access premade shapes. There is a sort of star figure somewhere that I saw and with the right lighting would be perfect.

Guess I'll have to learn to fold...:)

Rose Welty said...

I think we need a study group Jeanette. ;-)

I know it is meant to be a calming activity - but my origami skills are not there yet!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice! :D the colours are really nice and very calming.
love origami, have tried to fold a dragon, but i think its a little out of my skill range

Rose Welty said...

Jen, there is some truly stunning origami - some modern examples - even some dragons in there.

I need to find an exhibit and take a sketch pad - as just about anything is out of my skill range, I even struggled with the cranes.

Bhavna said...

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Rose Welty said...

Thanks for stopping by Bhavna.