Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keeping in Shape


I went for a walk today with a friend and neighbor. We were going almost every day for an hour several weeks ago - but alas, that was several weeks ago. In my defense, I have started cleaning vigorously for an hour a day - running up and down stairs to put things away, moving furniture, and scrubbing. I thought that was at least something. But apparently no it is not.

We walked for an hour today - at a leisurely pace so we could chat - and I am exhausted this evening. I suppose I need to add sit ups, push ups and more stair running to the cleaning routine! As someone has surely said, it is easier to stay in shape then get in shape - I think I'm about to get a remedial lesson on that one.

In this instance, what is true for the body is also true for the drawing skills - I need to be keeping my sketch abilities in shape too. I enjoy drawing from life, but it is so easy to get out of the habit. Today I drew from my camera "from life", you see the sketch above.


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