Thursday, September 15, 2011

Afternoon Tea

Actually, the chamomile was my evening tea the other night, but as I type this in the afternoon, I'm having a nice cup of PG Tips. Today I haven't had a chance to sit down to the drawing board - I've been madly painting a large flat wash - i.e. my bedroom. Just a few touch-ups and I think I can call that whole master bedroom and bathroom job finished!

The other night I sketched the chamomile flower above in my journal, as I was winding down from the day. This sort of thing is so much fun to draw in my journal. I don't pencil in any lines, just go for broke with my ink pens. I have a limited range of colors, so I have to "mix visually" (by placement rather than mixing pigments). And I get to try out design-type compositions, rather than the usual "picture" composing that I do.

I hope to get you a sneak peek of my current piece - involving flowers this time - soon.

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