Saturday, July 9, 2011

Steps in the Path of Learning

Above you see where I ended up with the portrait for the workshop. I am pleased with the workshop and all that I learned. This portrait is close to a likeness of the reference, but only close, I didn't nail it. I do know where it falls short of a likeness - and although that isn't entirely satisfactory, it is overall, encouraging. During this week I feel like my eye got a little better at seeing angles, lines, and values. This week I completed an 11x14 colored pencil portrait - a feat I have not before accomplished (it seems larger than life size in the case of this young girl).

So, I feel like I have taken a few more steps down the road I want to travel. I think my next steps will be more informed - and I'll just have to do another portrait quickly to prove it!

In the next portrait, I'm hoping to remember to:

  • constantly compare what I'm drawing with all parts of the reference
  • find one spot that is right on and hang the rest of the drawing on that
  • work at arm's length
  • step back from the drawing every 30? minutes and view it at a greater distance
  • work at building up the values - and being patient for things to develop
  • compare the drawing with the reference on the computer, side by side - every few hours, checking values, shapes, and angles
So hold me to it gang - by next week you should hear that I've chosen a reference and begun a new portrait!


adebanji said...

WOW! Just scrolling through the blogs I love and I came across this piece-Well that's my daughter and you did get a likeness! You must have had some great lessons from the workshop!

Rose Welty said...

Adebanji! I didn't know this was your daughter. Thank you so much, what an encouragement to me. Yes, the workshop was great.

Go check out Adebanji's work if you don't know him already, he's a great artist! He does wonderful sketches on public transport, landscape and cityscape paintings, etc.