Monday, May 9, 2011

Beginning a Bluejay

WIP - Bluejay sketch
copyright Rose Welty
Just had time for a quick beginning here. This beautiful bird lives in our back woods somewhere - very camera shy, but I'm working on it.


Ann said...

I really, really like what you are doing with these cp sketches ! Your blue jay is beautiful and I love the iris below. You have inspired me to get back to cp sketching !

Jennifer Rose said...

lovely sketch :) captured the blue colour perfectly. i miss seeing these gorgeous birds here, flash of bright blue on the porch was a nice site

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Ann - I'm not sure I've ever done much CP sketching before one, but I sure am enjoying it. It's nice to be freer with the pencils.

Thanks Jen. Yes, those bright flashes - you can look out the window with a sigh, and then see a flash and suddenly you can hear their beautiful song and then it all seems better, doesn't it? At least I'm finding that's how it works for me.

Teresa said...

What beautiful blues you've got going here! Love this! We have Blue Jays at our bird feeders... they're pretty.

Jo Castillo said...

This is great. We rarely see jays here, but see them in NM. They are beautiful colors, but a little pesty. :) You captured it well.