Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carnation and Yard Projects

Carnation Sketch
7in x 5in
colored pencil on Stonehenge
Had some fun the other day, a quick stylized carnation from a bouquet.

The last several days have been busy with sorts of odd things happening...tooth emergencies, tummy bugs, pest control, etc. As well, this is the time of year to get on top of the yard, for a better summer. I try to do one large or three small yard "upgrades" a year. This year I have begun two small ones...a potted herb garden (which is more fun than you can imagine) and some stepping stones around the trash bins (so the noble soul who takes out the trash in the rain does not have to clean her shoes ;-).

Still room for a third one, but I suppose it will be just to add a few more plants to our garden (I hate weeding and thoroughly believe in over-planting) and maybe a few hanging pots for the front porch.


Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty :D

i hate weeding too, I'm glad that 99% of our small yard is gravel lol plant pots and hanging baskets have become my favourites lately for being a lazy gardener :p

Jo Castillo said...

I absolutely love your flowers! I like your spring fix up ideas, too. Have fun!