Monday, March 21, 2011

Work in Progress - American Robin

American Robin - work in progress
9 in x 13in
colored pencil on paper
We've had grayish days here recently which make the dark golden chests of these beautiful birds just glow with warmth and beauty. Actually, gray days seem make the small patches of spring blooms glow all the more.

I assure you that this bird had both of his legs and I will get the other one on there, I've just run out of time for today. There are those who say you should never post a work in progress - as all art has it's ugly stages until the end...but you'll forgive me right? :D


Jennifer Rose said...

i love seeing WIPs :D its always interesting to see how other artists work and the stages they go threw

Rose Welty said...

I agree Jen - artists sketchbooks are my favorite - working out ideas is fascinating.