Saturday, January 8, 2011

Continued Progress and One Accomplished Goal

*in progress* Working It Out
I have finally begun the new year! My company left Wednesday and I have just about recovered the house and laundry from holiday mode. Yesterday I spent a bit of time polishing this piece up. It's a study for a series I'm going to be working on this year. I'm not thrilled with this support, so I think I'll switch to a different support, but overall, I was happy with the study.

You see it matted here as I did that to transport it to my local CPSA chapter meeting today. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting - we had a demo of neocolors and a great discussion on different kinds of paper. There's a great mix of experience and encouragement available there. I also accomplished one of my goals for 2011, I joined the chapter.


Jan Pope said...

And we're glad to have you as a member. It's a good group - some professionals, like Donna, some teachers like Jackie - she taught art for over 30 years, some world travelers like Kay - I think he's been everywhere and the amateurs like me! Send me some email about what support you're using - I've tried just about everything from pastel board to watercolor paper to Wallis. Maybe I can help you narrow down your choices.

Rose Welty said...

Hi Jan! I will send you an email. It's a great group there, although I do admit to being nervous about showing my work. Thanks for invite.