Friday, October 1, 2010

Swapping the Drip for the Fountain

Work in Progress - Every Day Beauties

Do you feel like you have to check email every time you sit down in front of the computer? Maybe it's more like "I'll just check email and Facebook then ease into it." Not so much a "I have to check", more of just an unwise habit? I confess that I am very guilty of that. Sometimes it's "oh, I have a minute, I'll just check." The problem is that I just stole that minute from my brain. And, on occasion, I get sucked into something and the cost is much more than a minute!

This week I've tried to stop that habit. If I decided to do a couple of hours of artwork after lunch, I tried to not start the time with checking email, FB, etc. I have not been entirely successful in resisting the urge - I'm very ashamed to admit that, it was surprisingly hard to resist. But, when I did, I got much more done than I thought I was going to - and I had more productive thoughts running through my head. When I shut myself off from the constant drip of the internet, I find my own fountain!

Now that I've said it here, I hope to do even better next week. Will you come back and ask me how much I resisted the drip? You'd be doing me a big favor. :D


Anonymous said...

I have been having the same problem since summer began. I do good some days, and other days I feel I wasted more time checking things online than actually working.

Rose Welty said...

Hi Alyice! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is a very tricky thing managing online commitments. It's both good and bad for you. I do find it gets easier the longer I am disciplined with myself.