Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blowing in the Wind, colored pencil on vellum

Blowing in the Wind
colored pencil on vellum
5 in x 7 in
copyright Rose Welty

It occurred to me the other day that since we've moved, we probably need to send out a change of address notice - especially if we want to see any Christmas cards. I thought about the change of season, the leaves falling, and decided to create this piece as a possible card to send out the change of address.

Just think, I could have my Christmas cards sent out in November! It would be a personal record :D.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

How did you like working on the vellum surface?

Rose Welty said...

I really like the vellum Katherine. There is texture enough to hold the pencil (maybe 5-7 layers), but I don't feel like I am fighting it as I do with other papers. I also like being able to work on the back side - makes it very easy to make the darks really dark. It is also very easy to erase on. I don't think erasing compromises the surface as much as other supports.

You can put a colored support behind it and change the whole look of a piece (or start off with the colored layer and then you don't have to start with blaring white, which is how I normally use it.)

Ann said...

This is gorgeous, Rose! I love the colors and composition.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Ann! This piece reminds me of you a bit. :D

Rose Welty said...

(Jeremy Welty) I Love the colors you used. I Love the color yeLLow you used beckas Its MY favrite color. It Looks rill. Great super exalint.your the best at drawing.

Rose Welty said...

(Nathan Welty) my favorite color is green. my favorite team is the cowboys. i like my mom's pictures. my favorite season is winter.

Jennifer Rose said...

love the reds :D perfect for this time of year