Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Brushes

Royal Lily, open acrylics on Gessobord

Royal Lily,

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There was a 40% off sale on Robert Simmons brushes recently at my local store. Naturally, I raced down there and bought a couple. Their “white sable” brushes have fast become my favorite to use with acrylics. I now have two flats, two filberts, and a round.

The question of edges has come out recently in relation to my art. There are plenty of decisions around when to have hard edges and when to soft ones. The choices you make create movement or slow it, give new direction or maintain it. In short, it’s a fascinating part of art making, one that I have only begun to appreciate.


Jeanette said...

Lovely soft flower painting Rose. You're churning these out, well done.

New brushes are a treat and a necessity. Art, or well rendered art, is reliant on good tools. I tend to use a lot of flats lately and like the angular strokes they give.

Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, I agree with you about the flats. I love the angular strokes, as well, you can really get quite a variety of strokes from them. For a while I only used those. I added the filberts to get curvy bits on the ends of petals. I also really like the angular a flat cut at an angle...I haven't found them in this brand, but I could always just cut my own...hmm, might be harder than it sounds.

Valerie Jones said...

Okay, Rose.....I am becoming addicted to your paintings! They are so beautiful!

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Valerie, I appreciate the feedback.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Sketchy - nice! :) I really like seeing brushwork.

Thanks for your comment on my success in getting into the SBA exhibition.