Thursday, March 19, 2009

Copper Canyon Daisy and a Business Plan

ink drawing of copper canyon daisy

Another in the flower book. This week I’ve been drawing up a business plan. I started at the Small Business Admin site. Of course, I don’t need something as elaborate as they describe, but I definitely think having such a document will help me to make some good plans for the future.

I began with some headings that are common to all business plans, added a few more that I wanted, and just began filling in information. It has been very helpful. I now have a good idea of what I need to research for the future, areas of the market I need to investigate, a better idea of my current needs, and also a firmer grasp on what it’s going to take to do some of things I’m thinking about tackling.

Have you ever done a business plan for yourself? Please share in the comments.


Stacy said...

Rose, you are such a good planner and a bit amazing to those of us who forge ahead more or less blindly. I have no doubt that you will achieve all of your goals.

Jo Castillo said...

I love these negative space,lost line, line sketches. Great!

I am amazed at your organization and dedication to your goals.

Rose Welty said...

Stacy, thanks for that encouragement! I was ready to pack it all in this afternoon...feeling better now. :D

Jo, thanks...umm, the dedication was waning a bit today...but with good people like you, Stacy, and the rest of my wonderful readers I shall stay the course!

Jennifer Rose said...

Took me awhile to write my business plan, but I'm glad I did. Its a great thing to go back to and check if I'm on track and what I still need to do. At first it was hard to think of what to put in it, but after the first few pages it was easier and seemed almost to write itself. Business organizations seem to take me a little more seriously when they see my plan, so it does come in very handy in those situations.

Rose Welty said...

Jennifer, that's great news! I don't know how my eyes will see my plan, but it has really helped me think things out. I do have a better idea of issues. Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

I don't have a structured plan but in my head and on pieces of paper here and there are the bones of plans.

In my business life, I get paid to make business plans and develop strategic planning so it becomes easier for my brain to flip that over to the art side.

However, goals and objectives are always necessary, depending on where you want your art to take you or if you want to make money from it. You plan will be dependent on what you want your outcome to be.

I'm sure you'll get there.

Rose Welty said...


Up until this point it's all just been in my head, but it feels less stressful having it on paper. :D

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Rose, I am a big believer in a business plan - on paper and the more detailed the better! I have a separate business journal in which I write all my goals, ideas and detailed plans. I have areas where I chart my progress year to year and I also have a section in which I brainstorm new ventures. I revisit it often to make sure I am staying the course and not leaving anything out. I love looking back and seeing things I only dreamed of, checked off as accomplished! So you go girl, I think you will really enjoy the process.