Wednesday, January 7, 2009

STAMP-EDE and Good Business Practice

This post is about some rubber stamps I've inherited and how I'm going to use them.

I've recently inherited an art book library and a rubber stamp library. That sounds a little funny, rubber stamp library, but I kid you not. My uncle was a painter for many years, as he grew older he began collecting rubber stamps and making cards and stationery with them. Every card he sent had a stamp on the envelope and many of the cards were his own creation.

This week I received the cabinet above - 18 drawers full of stamps! In addition, I've received all of the card stock, heavy paper, and handmade paper that he had (reams and reams). And I'm thrilled! Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me all this!

What am I going to do with this? Employ it, of course. When I sell a painting I like to include a freebie or two. Have you ever purchased something and been given a little extra? It's a good feeling. I want my customers to have that good feeling. So, I'll give them a free bookmark or note card, something like that. Just a small way to say "thank you for supporting me."

Have you thought about how you are going to focus on your customer this year? It's a tough market, you are going to need some strategies to stake your claim...find some that work for you and for your customer and go for it!

Another good business practice is to have some consistency or branding in all the facets of your business - that's why I have now updated my sales blog to the new look.

More on the art book library later...


Robyn said...

What a wonderful gift, Rose. I can see endless days of pleasure in that. The paper I would be particularly excited about.

Rose Welty said...

It is Robyn, it's wonderful to have. He had unique taste in stamps...lots of designs, lots of Japanese influence, and even a few abstracts that I think he may have made himself.

The paper is exciting...mostly card stock in various neutral hues...some with different textures. He had also sent me a box of handmade paper when he was still alive...beautiful stuff, just waiting for some inspiration!

Valerie Jones said...

How exciting! I'm sure a lot of inspiration will flow through this wonderful gift.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Marvellous gift! Great looking chest as well - I could think of all sorts if uses for that....

You MUST keep the handmade paper for something special!