Monday, December 8, 2008

Drawing People

When I began this year, I was planning to really work on my figurative skills...that hasn't happened in the systematic way I thought it would (something I hope to correct in the coming year). But above is one of my recent attempts, from a photograph.

Below you see a sketch page from January of this year...copying from some master drawings.

I love to look back at the year and see where/if I have improved in my may have to indulge me a few times this month! :D


Jo Castillo said...

Nice sketches. Sounds like a plan.

Sandra T said...

I'm really interested in your drawings...different uses of line...and you capture the personality of your subjects. My family members aren't so keen on having me draw them even casually..pity. I'm going to persevere. And I'll look back now at your other postings.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Jo.

Thanks Sandra for stopping by! My family members don't love it, but they have learned to tolerate it! :D