Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Stab at the Dec VSD

My preferred crop

More Accurate Crop - it's on aquabord, there is no slicing it down in reality

This afternoon as I was thinking about it being VSD weekend and suddenly an idea flashed across my mind...why not do a close crop and go for some sort of antique (sepia) photo look?

I got the kids carted off to bed and then just had fun playing around with acrylics on aquabord. I just love the beautiful browns that Winsor Violet and Cad Yellow made - that was the tall building - then I decided to scrub it in and do another just violet wash. The smaller building was a alizarin crimson and permanent green neutral, scrubbed, and with a final alizarin crimson wash.

The sky had a pale ultramarine blue wash, which I covered with a watery cad orange. The snow on the ground is a cad orange wash.

I wasn't too happy with the background trees (that's why I prefer the smaller crop), but all in all it was a more satisfying attempt then my first sketch. I really enjoyed playing with washes, scrubbing out paint, and making it about the process more than the end product.


Stacy said...

Rose, both of your versions are good. I like the broadstrokes in the sketch and the antique feel of the colors in this one. There is definitely something to enjoying the process, but that can be tough when life is so busy. :)
(BTW, the VSD link now sends people here.)

Jo Castillo said...

Rose, that looks like fun. Maybe I will get to sketch sometime. I like the colors and strokes.

Sydney Harper said...

I like the colors and the loose feel of the brush strokes. To me, it's the process that makes it fun, although it's nice to have end products too.

Jennifer Rose said...

I like the antique look and the closer crop. :D I think both of your attempts are nice.

Jan Pope said...

Sepia tones. Looks like an old print or maybe a woodcut type of piece.

Leslie said...

Love the "preferred crop", and the big chunky buildings.
I ran away from doing the buildings, and you conquered them!

Trish said...

I really like both of these! I'm loving all of your work:)