Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding Focus and 400th post

This post marks my 402nd post to this blog! Wow, it's hard to believe that. Next year, early in the year, Rose's Art Lines will celebrate it's second birthday.

Recently I have been discussing issues with a fellow artist. During our discussion we began asking each other how we decide to paint a subject. This has always been a tricky subject for me. However, as I have only a finite time for art, in and amongst my household duties, I really do need a firm handle on the issue.

There is so much in art that I would love to explore. However, if I were to follow every whim I would not be able to mature in any one area. Some areas I may only put on the back burner, but how do I decide what to focus on for now?

I'm thinking through this question, in particular reference to my plans for next year. How about you? How do you decide what to paint?


Jennifer Rose said...

I decided to focus on drawing animals because its what I enjoy and it has brought me some funds in the past. I tried focusing on still lifes and florals but the outcome wasn't the same because I didn't really feel any connection to the subject. I either see a picture I want to draw, get an idea I want to try out or someone wants me to draw an animal for them. I've done a few still lifes and florals just so I don't loose what small skills I have in those areas, but on the whole I stick with wildlife.

I would love to use paint (not oils. Can't stand to use them), but we dont' have the room so I stick with CPs or graphite on the whole.

Jeanette said...

Nice piece you have here Rose. Almost like a woodcut.

I don't know if I decide what to draw or paint as much as it decides for me. There are subjects that spark ideas which lead to other ideas and from there a drawing is born. In the coming year, I want to work on a series of pieces that become 'me', that show a style that is representative.

I jump around a lot sometimes with mediums and subjects, but I think to succeed in terms of sales and my own expectations, I need to produce something that is unique to me.

Rose Welty said...

Jennifer, It's interesting what appeals to people. I could probably count on one hand the number of animals I've drawn in my life - I just don't really like them and they don't like me! :D You could always dabble a bit with watercolour - that doesn't take much space. And, you do have a special touch with dragons, there is no doubt.

Jeanette, thanks. What you describe sounds alot like what I have been experiencing. Although, I really feel a need to get some direction with subject matter. It's too easy to wait for something to choose me! And as you say, it all feeds into the style issue. I'd say that your unique subject is just that...unique subjects...sticking out tongues, mouths, withering leaves, cats with 3 legs...all very unique!

Ann said...

Good question. For me, sometimes I choose to explore something that I feel I need to learn more about, or that I feel my skills need practice with. On the other hand, sometimes I gravitate to what I am more comfortable drawing, or what chooses me in terms of subject-what pulls me in. I've been thinking about the idea of a series too, though, in relation to marketability.

Stacy said...

Nice ink Rose!

I think decision making on picking subjects can get particularly muddy when I start to consider the salability of an image in addition to my own desire to create it.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I think the important part is to keep doing and to keep learning. After all, people who go off to college to do a degree full time spend three years practising and learning before they're let loose on the world

My guess is that when you've finally found the subject and the media which keeps you stimulated long term you'll know. But only after you've done a fair few - not right at the beginning.