Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bowled Over By the Impressionists

6in x 6in, acrylic on masonite

I had the privilege of visiting the Kimbell's The Impressionists exhibit this weekend. (An impressive loan from the Art Institute of Chicago while they work on some building projects.)

Katherine had a book review this morning about a great book on the Impressionists - it's already on my wish list!

Sadly, I didn't get to hook up with Susan Carlin and friends. But, I did get to take my 3 little balls of energy through the masses of people gawking at the paintings. Of course, I didn't get to spend hours peering at the paintings, but it was still a wonderful experience. In fact, I really loved having the chance to share those amazing pieces with my sons. We talked about light and shade, use of color, texture, and composition - all in terms that they could understand.

I'll give you a summary of the family's favorites:

Hubby's favorite: Paris Street; Rainy Day by Caillebotte. Seeing it in print, it is impressive - in its original massive form, even more so.

Eldest son: Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare by Monet. My son liked that incredible capture of smoke and atmosphere.

Middle son: Rocks at Port-Goulphar, Belle-Ile by Monet. He liked all the dots of color.

Youngest son: Both Paris Street; Rainy Day by Caillebotte and The Bedroom by van Gogh. Possibly because these were near the end ;D!

Me: No single favorite...seeing Monet's waterlilies and sheaves of wheat...Renoir portraits...Cezanne still life...Degas millinery shop, dancers...all of it just a thrill.

After Bazille's Self Portrait

Seeing those works though did cause me to think more about stages of painting and not just doing everything alla prima. Thus, the rosebud you see at the top of the post was done in a couple of sessions. It's still not perfect, but it's improved from the first session.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

You're exactly the sort of person I thought might like the book

I think you'll find it probably has a different book cover in the USA

What a wonderful exhibition - it makes such a difference when you see works up close. I'd love to see that Caillebotte - his work in the National Gallery in London is stunning.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, Rose, what a beautiful painting. I am so glad you visited the Kimball. Isn't it just amazing. I always catch my breath.

Susan Carlin said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get to connect with you there at the Kimbell, but it sounds like you got the whammy with your family, instead. I got whammed by Vincent's self portrait, even though I had to dodge and weave to see it. Way cool.