Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Firecracker Flowers
6in x 6in
acrylic on gessoed hardboard panel

I decided to have a go with acrylics for a few pieces instead of the oils. Two reasons for, I've been struggling with some headaches and I want to eliminate the oils (they are likely due to allergies, but one never knows)...two, I've been frustrated with the paint smudging, smearing, and dragging up when I paint over a place. Of course the second reason has alot to do with my inept handling of paint and impatience with waiting for it to dry.

Anyway, here was my first go with the acrylics in a long time. These aren't really called "firecracker flowers", I just thought that I painted them rather like firecrackers, especially with the green stems I put in.


S.G. Chipman said...

Are you using any mediums when you're painting with oils? Linseed oil or Liquin will help with some of the annoyances you are describing, as well as help the paint dry faster.

Jennifer Rose said...

they remind me of firecrackers. A Burst of colour in the sky :D

Jeanette said...

Part of the appeal of oils to me is the smell. They make it a full sensory experience. I use turps and Liquin to speed up drying time and find that unless I've put the paint on very thickly it dries pretty quickly.

The flowers are lively and full of colour. What do you think of the acrylics? I think I prefer oils over acrylics simply for the fact that they stay more malleable where acrylic dries so quickly - too quickly some times.

Rose Welty said...

I have tried both Liquin and linseed oil. And I liked both, but I also am a little attached to the do it all in one sitting feeling right now. For that, I think the acrylics are better. I actually think more in layers, so the acrylics lend themselves to that. But, I'm not ready to abandon the oils yet...just a breather.