Friday, September 26, 2008

September Goals Review

Daily Ink Number 4 Acrylic Inks and Brush on WC paper

This post is a review of my goals for September.


  • Donation - I donated a piece of artwork. I had a sticker label on the back. I also handed out a few business cards. (An important part of this goal was to get the stickers and cards and begin using them.)
  • Write an article for online submission - This goal never happened. I think it needs baby write a rough draft, refine the draft, and submit.
  • Update website - this didn't happen. Part of the failure was laziness, part of the failure was that I have been mostly painting and that stuff isn't exactly advertisement quality yet.
  • Consider uses of new sticker labels and business cards - I've handed out a few cards.
  • Finish Oil Painting for Serious Beginners - Didn't finish this book, but read 4 others on oil painting.
  • Begin Joseph Albers' Interaction of Color - Didn't begin this, but I'm satsified with my reading this month.
  • Oil Painting (3 paintings/week) - I did six oil paintings so far this month (one is for VSD, you can see that on Saturday). That is about half of what I had hoped for. Mostly the shortfall is due to "life" happening. However, I do think I am learning..some painting time was given over to reading when I felt I needed to read and think before just slapping paint down and making the same mistakes again. As well, the "daily ink" project is helping my brushwork just as much as painting with oils.
  • Finish a second graphite piece for card collection. - This didn't happen. I decided to spend the time painting rather on graphite. I wasn't as thrilled as with the "first" one for the card collection anyway. In short, the "card" project needs further development.
I'll give my goals for October in a few days, probably Monday. The VSD is tomorrow!


Teresa said...

I think perhaps you're the most organized person I know! Wish I could borrow some of that!

Jo Castillo said...

Ditto what Teresa said. I admire you for that and how much you accomplish.