Monday, September 8, 2008

Painting Is Hard

Yes, painting is hard. This is tonight's effort. You'll have to take my word that I thought about composition, negative shapes, values, form, color (dominant hues, complements, discords, etc), brushstrokes, lost edges, hard edges...none of that really shows.

Hopefully the frustration wears off tonight and the excitement of learning returns in the morning!


Stacy said...

Rose, I am always impressed with your commitment to learning and experimenting. Not every experiment is going to turn out exactly the way you want, but sometimes we learn more from the disappointments than the successes. Thanks for sharing both.

Kari Gibson said...

This is great and I see how what you intended has translated. I love the play of colour against colour (the rose against green) and tone against tone (between the back two).

It works very well - I think you will get a lot out of exploring this theme further!

Rose Welty said...

Thanks ladies for the encouragement! It's a little embarrassing to post "I'm learning" pieces, but it is always outweighed by the support I receive.

Valerie Jones said...

I'm glad you post the learning pieces and your frustrations. It helps us see that you are real. It always encourages me to not be afraid to try other things also.

I really like the color choices in this piece too. I can tell a lot of thought goes into one of your paintings and they aren't just painted to paint something.

I like the backround color and the green of the pears. Putting compliments together really makes a piece "pop". I also like the yellow pear with the shadow color. The pears themselves need some shadow areas put on them where they are leaning up against each other. Otherwise, great work!

Jeanette said...

Not everything will be what we expect, but we all walk before we run. You're moving in the right direction and by researching and practicing what you learn, you'll finish up the winner.

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Rose, Boy you are right! Hard when you have so much to think about. One of these days though, you will sit down to paint and just paint. All those things about hard and soft edges, complements, etc., will just be there and you will realize you aren't thinking about it at all! Great studies.

Something I heard, I think at Bob Rhom's workshop, was to just paint light and dark, not the items.

Anyhoo, I'm not trying to give you more to think about at this time. Ha. You are doing great!