Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ted Kautzky Book

I found the book above on clearance last weekend for $1. I'm so thrilled. It is a catalog of Ted Kautzky's work and contains some biographical information as well. I didn't know that this book existed, so I'm thrilled. I may still treat myself to a copy of the The Ted Kautzky Pencil Book (all four of his pencil instruction books in one volume).

Anyway, above you also see a quick copy of a sketch of his that I did. It isn't complete, there were more buildings behind the trees. I just love how the shapes of the foreground and background elements cut into one another. The rule about having light and dark next to each other is applied all over. With the broadstrokes Kautzky is able to create strong tone for the architecture and also the feathery lightness of the tree wisps hanging down.

Looking through the book, Kautzky drew some magnificent trees. He spent time in architecture as well and it shows, his handling of perspective and structure are excellent.


Jo Castillo said...

Very nice sketch. It looks finished to me. :) I like the broad strokes.

Valerie Jones said...

I'm liking the sketch! Especially the leaves.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks guys! I just lost that sketchbook, I'm digusted with myself. But, I've gotten a few more and am busy filling them up.