Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stick With It

This post is for everyone in a dry patch...when it seems nothing is coming out right. You see, I just "painted" the above. And, well, as you can see, it stinks. So, right now is one of those moments when I think "you can't do this, give up you loser, leave it to those who can do it."

But you know what, it would be a failure to stop. Someday it will get better. OK, the last forty minutes were not the height of my artistic output, but I suppose everyone has those moments.

So, I'm just going to decide to stick with it. Tomorrow is a new day and the next piece will not have the mistakes I have learned here! (I'm just not sure what they are...yet. :-)

If you are in a dry patch, stick with it...fertile fields of creativity may yet be ahead!


Valerie Jones said...

Aah...it doesn't stink! The rose is beautiful....better than I could do!

Jo Castillo said...

Actually this is neat. The rose has a nice gesture and lovely petals. You will look at it with fresh eyes and be surprised.