Friday, June 20, 2008

More Kit and Kids

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm recording the summer in bits in a sketchbook. The other night the boys were out drawing with sidewalk chalk...I was drawing too, in the sketchbook with my new "lead holder." I was keen to find something that I could throw in a bag with the sketchbook, suntan lotion, water bottles, diapers, etc. It is a strong tool and can certainly hold it's own in a bag full of paraphernalia...however, it is not all that great at making marks. The lead marks are very light. It's alright, but not the perfect solution I was hoping for.

See you tomorrow for the sketch date!


Jeanette said...

Are you using a mechanical pencil or a clutch pencil Rose? If the marks are faint, it could be the lead in your pencil that's too hard. Try buying some softer leads and using them to see if it helps.

I use mechanical pencils almost exclusively and the softness or hardness of the leads along with the pressure you use are what give the range of values. I can create a full range with a 2B usually.

Rose Welty said...

I think you are right Jeanette, I just need to find the time to get to a real art store and find some other leads...and have the boys in a "we're happy to wait for Mommy to take a long time, we'll just sit still and quiet here" mood - or just find something online, that might be faster ;D