Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Can You Do in One Minute?

My buddy, Jo Castillo, posted a link to a video of someone doing a one minute painting. It intrigued me, what could I do in one minute? So, I did it. Above you see the drawing, below you see the video.

I'm going to try and do another one, a brush painting.


Jo Castillo said...

Rose, Is that cool or what? Were you going from memory or your previous drawings of the iris??

I love it!

"JeanneG" said...

Good job. I have never tried to hold a pencil like that. Looks like it works for you. I usually use a mechanical pencil so probably would not work for me.

sixty-five said...

At the end of the first session of a recent drawing class out instructor handed each of us a flower (part of a still life we'd just used) and gave us the following homework: draw the flower each day for 30 seconds. And no fair doubling up - it has to be 30 seconds EACH day. We thought we were being asked to observe the wilting of the flower. Instead, we were being taught to make drawing a daily habit. And yes, it's amazing what you can do in even thirty seconds.

Joanna said...

That's cool! When I saw the image, I assumed the drawing was small. But it's not. I'm very impressed.

Susan Carlin said...

Wowee! Rose has added a video! I love the whole challenge. Thank you for the inspiration.

Rose Welty said...

Jo, I actually looked at the reference photo while doing this drawing, when I do the brush painting, I think I'll just go on memory.

Jeanne, when I'm working big or fast, I hold the pencil like that, I think I get a better range marks that way (i.e. it is easier to get thick and thin lines.)

Sixty-five, I actually felt a bit like the time was too long and checked the watch a few times. And yes, drawing everyday has been a huge part of my learning, that has taught me as much as the rest.

Joanna, the paper I was using is 12in by 12in. So, it isn't small. I actually think that it would be hard to do small. And I don't normally move that husband saw it and he asked "did you speed that up?" I didn't speed up the video, but I did speed up myself. :D

Susan, I didn't do any talking...because I know the horrible sound of my own voice and I just can't share that, :D. I used a Flip video camera that we've had for a while. It was stunningly easy. Of course, it wasn't meant to be instructional like yours, which I love watching!

Joan said...

I'm amazed in what you were able to capture in just one minute! Wonderful and inspiring!! I'll have to remember to check for the one you paint. Thanks.